Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Day,

My name is Linda Cocalis, I am the current Chairman of the Board of Health, having been first elected to the Board in 2008. I am seeking your support for a second 3-year term so that I may continue my efforts aimed at protecting and serving the citizens of Sturbridge. The health and welfare of residents and visitors are the highest priority for members of the Board of Health and I believe firmly that Board members should have no financial interests, nor any personal or political affiliations that could compromise their responsibilities in any way. 

I moved to Sturbridge in 2004 and I fell in love with our town, mainly because of the wonderful people here.  Our town is unique in many ways, but it’s truly the people here that inspire and motivate me to make our community the best that it can be.  I pride myself in being available at all times to those with questions or concerns and regularly engage residents and businesses in dialog aimed at improving our community. No question or concern is too big or small. I believe in transparency and open government, as they are the building blocks of Democracy, just as honesty and objectivity are.

I believe it worthwhile to point out that I am not being endorsed by, nor have I solicited endorsements from special interest individuals or groups within our town or the business community. I am completely independent of financial or self-interests and free of any burden to  conduct my responsibilities in accordance with someone else’s standards or non-standards - as the case may be. I represent the health and safety of Sturbridge residents, visitors, and businesses...period.

I have a strong sense of integrity that cannot be bought by influence peddling or pandering. Regardless of one’s social, economic, political or educational background, integrity is what sets everyone apart.  It would be hard to serve two masters by providing favor while regulating your friends and endorsers. Those who regulate must keep an arm’s length relationship with the ones who are regulated or there could be a potential for abuse.  

As a concerned citizen, I raise this issue because all throughout our great nation, from local, state and federal levels, we have been effected and influenced by a vocal minority of special interest and lobbying efforts. Surely, we are all wise enough to realize the same elements exist her locally. Just as we must do so at the national level, we here locally need to be the watch dogs over our local officials in order to protect our citizens from biased decision-making. I promise to hold high ethical standards and to eliminate malicious special interest. I am an independent thinker who puts the best interest of the entire town., first, last, and always. I would like your vote and support so that I can continue to serve the men, woman, and children of this wonderful community - Sturbridge.